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Educational Visits

                                                  Memorable activities lead to memorable learning


At The Grove we believe that educational visits play a vital role in supporting, developing and extending the learning and life experiences of the children in our school. Visits give the teachers a chance to teach; and pupils to learn; in different contexts.


We carefully plan visits and visitors to help enrich the curriculum throughout the year. Full details of these are provided in advance including details regarding any necessary charges, which we try to keep to a minimum.




Residential Visits


" Learning away has shown that residential learning experience provides opportunities and benefits/impacts that cannot be achieved in any other educational context or setting."


During the year we run two very popular residential visits for years 4 and 6


Year 4 take part in a three day, two night stay at Ufton Court, Berkshire. The focus of this visit is to develop historical learning.

Year 6 take part in a four night stay at Hindleap Warren Education Centre, East Sussex. The focus of this visit is taking part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities, Team building and environmental studies