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Eco Committee



The Eco Committee are children from Year 1 to Year 6. The Children have been asked to complete an application form if they wish to be part of the Eco Committee. These will be collected January 13th and viewed by Miss Menzies and Mrs Brown the Eco leaders, who will choose two applications per class for pupils to vote for their committee member.


The Eco-Committee is tasked with:

  • Ensuring that the whole school is aware of the Eco-Schools programme
  • Taking the lead in carrying out the Environmental Review;
  • Ensuring that everyone in the school community is represented in the decision-making process (as far as possible);
  • Providing a link between pupils, teachers, senior management team, governors and the whole school community;
  • Taking the lead in delivering the Eco-Schools Action Plan


We will be meeting fortnightly during a Monday Lunchtime, the first meeting will take place January 24th. The Eco committee will work together to lead meetings in order to create a school wide action plan in order to gain the Bronze, Silver and Green flag award. The action plan will then lead to activities which can be completed in the Eco club during a Tuesday Lunchtime. This club is open to Committee members and any pupils in Year 3-6.



The application forms for the Eco Committee have been completed and Myself and Mrs Brown have looked at them choosing two applications per class, in which the classes voted between to make a class Eco representative. These can be found below:


St Andrews:                                                                       Lewis Carroll: Luke

St Georges:Ophelia                                                           Roald Dahl: Charlie Dunn

Francis Drake: Frank Gerrard                                           Bear Grylls:

Walter Raleigh:                                                                  David Attenborough:Tracey Benson

Enid Blyton:                                                                       Queen Victoria: Lewis Poole

Beatrix Potter: Eva Byrne                                                  Queen Elizabeth: Theo Chard

The Grove will be taking part in Waste Week 13th-16th March, this involves pupils being mindful of the amount of waste we create. The children can participate in an upcycling competition.

Day 1

We want young people to get creative and use their design and engineering skills – upcycling old gardening equipment and tools into something new!


The entry form will open from the 1st February 2017 until the competition closing date of midnight on the 10th March 2017.


The finished object should be:

  • innovative and/ or easily replicated
  • you should be able to clearly see what the item was made from
  • designed to last (otherwise it could end up in landfill anyway)
  • Plus, please make sure that you consider health and safety.

Each category has a top prize of £300, with runners up prizes of 2 x £100 and 4 x £50 (All prizes will be in the form of Amazon vouchers). Plus, each entry will be placed into a draw to win a gardening voucher.


From wellies to watering cans there are many items that can be upcycled –  start collecting your old tools and gardening equipment now!