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The Grove Primary School


Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Club.

At The Grove happy children are very important to us and we value friendships. We have been awarded the Silver award in the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark. Our children have playtime cards with ideas to help them if they are feeling lonely or need to talk to someone. At the beginning of the year they complete helping hands and think of adults in the school who they will go to if they feel worried or anxious.

To support happy friendships across the school, we have both Adult and Pupil ABC meetings that meet regularly to look at playtimes and how to continue to support the happy friendships we foster and encourage. All of the children know the difference between friendship fallouts and bullying. Regular circle time and PSHE activities help the children to really talk about their feelings. There are worry boxes and Run, Yell and Tell boxes where children can write down any concerns they have and these will be addressed.

Meet our ABC teams!


Parent brochure with clear steps of what to do if you are worried about bullying